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Buffalo Wing Dip

Endive Filled with Tropical Flavored Shrimp


4 Belgium Endive, washed & trimmed, leaves separated (16-20)
1 cup baby shrimp, washed and dried
4 teaspoons scallions, sliced thin
1 cup sweet apples, chopped in 3/8 inch cubes, use mostly the red parts
½ cup Feta, crumbled
½ cup Taste Weavers Pineapple Peaches & Peppers Grilling Sauce


In a mixing bowl combine the shrimp, scallions, apples, Feta and the Pineapple Peaches & Peppers Grilling Sauce.
Using a 2 teaspoon measure, scoop mixture into each of the Endive leaves. Chill before serving. Yields; 1 ½ dozen.

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